Modern Peas in a pod necklace, three pearls in a circle


The beginning and end are one." - Heraclitus
The shape of the circle has been used as a symbol since the beginning of time. It can represent infinity, being complete, and being whole. The delicate faceted tiny ball chain thread through three luscious freshwater pearls (or choose from 1 pearl to 5 pearls representing the number of children) and then the larger open circle to create a modern look of a pearl necklace. Minimal and modern, this pearl in a circle necklace can give any outfit an edge.




Wen quit her research job and focused her efforts on Sora (meaning “sky” in Japanese) Designs fulltime in 2009. Citing design inspiration in everything from vintage materials to geometric shapes, the sky is truly the limit for Wen, as she continues on her mission to make jewelry that is stunning, functional and affordable.

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