Customized Hand-Crafted Leis by Camille

Hand-Crafted Leis made with local Pua ( flowers ) It is a pleasure to make lei for your special occasions. It brings me joy to share my Aloha ( love ) of lei making through my workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Leis Pricing:

Single Orchid Lei


Wildflower or Rose lei s


Mixed lei


( orchids + flowers )

Double Orchid lei


Lei Lāʻī ( Ti leaf )


$75+ with orchids

Keiki Lei Po’o ( half Haku ) Flower Crown


Special Lei Po’o ( Haku) Flower Crown


Fur baby lei ( fern or flower kui )


Lei Po’o Workshop:

$150 per person ( includes all materials + 6-8 flowers and leafs ) minimum 4 people at private residence or business. 

$100 for travel and set up

3 hour class
+ Lei Lāʻī ( Ti Leaf ) add $30 per person 3 1/2 hour

*Please provide a table and comfortable seating for everyone. Refreshments and snacks are appreciated too. For a nice day with good weather lei making is preferably outside.

Lei making can be a relaxing and peaceful practice. I feel grateful to share my love of lei making with you. I start my class with a gratitude breathing meditation before I teach you how the create a Lei Po’o.

I prepare the space ( Pua Bar ) and this includes a 5 minute gratitude breathing meditation before we create.

3 hour lesson to create Lei po’o ( crown lei )
add 1/2 hour Ti leaf lei 

At the end of the workshop, I show you how to give and care for your lei. Giving a lei to someone is a sign of Aloha (love).