Brass Earrings


Hooks: Gold Fill. Ok even for sensitive ears.

Brass oxidizes over time, meaning it will change the more you wear it to give it that beautiful aged look. You can also polish them to their original shine very easily with many home remedies or polishing cloths. Avoid wearing them in the shower to keep them sparkling.

Made by Found & Feral


I’m a collector of many things, from vintage clothes to old photographs to pieces of nature from camping trips and travels. Over time I’ve gathered a memory bank of experiences that inspire me to create. I’ve worn a lot of hats over the years and at the end of the day I’m just a lady with a baby on my hip, a messy dog and a crap load of house plants. As an artist, I’m inspired by the world around me, the mundane, everyday stuff, and places with history. I love imagining the stories behind layers of chipped paint and seeing the potential and beauty all around us.


When traveling to Turkey years ago I was blown away by a culture so rich in history that at times I felt like I was transported back in time. I was inspired by the architecture, the endless markets, the rugs hanging from wall to wall to wall, and the BRASS! The Brass! I’ve always been a goldie girl but that was a kicking off point. Since then I’ve traveled to other beautiful lands where my soul was filled to the brim and my mind was expanded. Found & Feral is a way to bring those experiences to a tangible form and share them with you!

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